Mikrotik - Reset - First Steps

Februar 6, 2022


If you want to reset your Mikrotik there are many ways to do this, there are also some default tasks you have todo after resetting without default config (what I would recommend).

We will go in this small article through the setups of resetting and the main needed setups on your Mikrotik after this.(RouterOS 7.2rc3)

Connection via Winbox, on my setup the Mikoritk I want to reset has no direct acces to my client computer, after the reset without configuration your computer need a direct layer-2 connection to the mikrotik.

Resetting Mirkrotik:

System => Reset Configuration:


Select No Default Configuration and Do Not Backup.

After reboot of the Mikrotik you need direct access to your Mikrotik, then your router will be shown without IP Address under Neighbors, you can connect via Layer-2 if you klick the MAC Address and Connect.


The admin user has no password and this will be shown to you on the first login


The first thing we should to is to define a network:

IP => Address

We will setup the Mikrotik default network with, you need to select the interface of your choice in mycase as a placeholder ether1 will be fine.


Then we will setup an Src-Nat rule on the firewall for ether1 interface:

IP => Firewall => NAT


Then we need to select an Action this will be masquerade (description: Link)


Now we have to setup two firewall rules one for Input (all connections which go direct to the router as Winbox) and an forward rule as a connection from subnet to default route


We have to setup an DHCP Client that the Router will get an IP Adress from the Router he is connected to:

IP => DHCP Client


After this setup your router should be connected to other network devices and should have a default route under

IP => Routes

Now you can connect by the External IP address of your Mikrotik.This is Part-1 of the default setup for Mikrotik.We will cover more topics in the upcomming articles. Firewalling, IP Services (SSH, Telnet), User management, SDWAN (ZeroTier)

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