Raspberry 4 OS - Lite fast and easy with Pi Installer

Februar 20, 2022


How to setup a Raspberry Pi 4 with Pi OS Lite fast and easy with preactivated SSH and Username and Password and WIFI.

Download and install the Raspberry Pi Imager from LINK:

Start the Installer:

Select the OS, in my case I always select the lite os without gui and blowware:

The Light os versions are hidden under Raspberry Pi OS (other)

Select your SD Card and selecht the nut


In this interface we can configure multiple settings befor the first boot:

For me I have changed
Local timezone
Keyboard layout
WiFi has been disabled

After saving the settings you can press the wirte (schreiben) button to setup your SD Card.

Now we have to place the SD Card in our Raspberry Pi and start it, you need to findout the IP Adress from your router

The Username and Password and the SSH is configured so you will get the connection to your Raspberry Pi after some minutes via ssh username@ip

The first thing we should do is an update of the OS Software via

# This command will update your repo files

apt update

# This command will request all updates for all packages you have installed (reboot maybe requried)

apt upgrade

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