Part 1 -Traefik with Netcup wildcard ssl certificate

Januar 16, 2022


Netcup is a popular German webhoster for webpages and domains, if you want to take your webhosting or even middleware hosting to a new level you need to buy an VPS or even a root Server.  This will gain you more flexibility about what services you want to host but also into account to security your services and your server.

In this tutorials you will learn how to use public DNS services, Ubuntu secure Docker setup and the setup of traefik as a reverse proxy for all your services.

This tutorial will be splitted into Parts, for the Part 1 we clear some preconditions about DNS and Sub / Sub.Sub Domain Systems with Netcup.

This guide is for absolute beginners so we will start with DNS Technologies with Hosting Providers.

If you buy a Webhosting Service and register a Domain, this will Result in a Default DNS Setup made by your Provider.

The Provider will propagate your Domain to the Root DNS Servers and add the Domain to their own DNS Server (Netcup DNS Servers), until your domain can be reached it can take up to 48 hours.

Adding a Subdomain will result in a “new” URL which directs to the same server as the parent URL


For our setup with Traefik we also need an VPS Server and this must have a valid Domain which is accessible via the internet. In my case we will use a Subdomain for this.

To change the target of an A-Record you need to login into the Admin portal of your Provider and change the target IP Address to your preferred Server



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